Helps Rebuild The Lives Of Children & Heal Families For over 10 years. We provided free after-school programs that focus on Education, Empowerment, Entertainment, & Entrepreneurship! 

Past 5 years HEAL has been helping child victims and their moms lost in the system due to domestic violence, legal abuse, and children used in sex trafficking  

Our purpose is aiding under-served, underprivileged, and millions of under-represented children in communities where they have no voice.
Aleah Holland

A Brighter Future — For Cambodia’s Children

More About Us

We provided free living in homes for children and families in dangerous situations, situations even SVU (Special Victims Unit), or the U.S. police REFUSE to help and get involved in.  HEAL Network has Rescued and/or help victims Escaped From Pedophile Networks & Human Trafficking when courts, CPS, ACS, and police failed to protect them.

Aleah Holland

— We Educate

We offer educational, empowerment, entertainment, entrepreneurship programs that really rebuild lives! We provide according to American children’s needs.

— We Save Familes

Past 5-year s we have had to bring children of trafficking  & even their moms into our personal homes, due to lack of services through-out the U.S.

HEAL provides various programs, and campaigns from social justice, to health, Domestic violence, and Sexual Trauma, trafficking, & terrorism local and state by state.

— We Provide Shelter

We authorize temporary Safe Houses & Long Term Homes  in 50 states abroad.

— We Provide Care

Our focus is on assuring children are healthy, safe, protected, educated, artsy, & living a productive life free of TRAUMA.