What We Do


— We Educate

We offer educational, empowerment, entertainment, entrepreneurship programs that really rebuild lives! We provide according to American children’s needs.


— We Save Familes

Past 5-year s we have had to bring children of trafficking  & even their moms into our personal homes, due to lack of services through-out the U.S.


— We Strengthen

Our purpose is aiding under-served, underprivileged, and millions of under-represented children in communities where they have no voice.


— We Provide Shelter

We authorize temporary Safe Houses & Long Term Homes  in 50 states abroad.


— We Provide Care

Our focus is on assuring children are healthy, safe, protected, educated, artsy, & living a productive life free of TRAUMA. 


— We Consult

HEAL provides various programs, and campaigns from social justice, to health, Domestic violence, and Sexual Trauma, trafficking, & terrorism local and state by state.